We were tired of seeing the same type of old-fashioned watches everyday. We wanted to create a watch that looked unique, like no other watch on the market today.


Originally, we wanted a 'luxury' watch, but we asked ourselves "Why can't a watch just look good and be a good price too?". Almost 2 years later, Here is the result; Stardust

At Stardust, we are all about quality and value. We believe that the same fashionable and intricate watches can be delivered at a lower cost to our customers.
This is because we use precision when choosing our parts, and allow our watches to be shipped straight from the manufacturer.
No shortcuts, we use the same techniques and materials as other high-end watch makers.Meticulously designed on a mechanical level to ensure the highest of quality and reliability. 
Our watches are aesthetically manufactured with Japan Movement, where both value and accuracy are in mind.
This unique watch will turn heads and look like pure luxury. Your Stardust™ Watch awaits you.